About the sculptures


Elegant 12” tabletop sculptures that can be cast from the current collection shown below or custom designed. Shown below is the current collection of Athletes and Artists in motion that can be ordered.  Bobbi created custom “prizes” for the 1984 inaugural women’s Olympic Marathon Trials.  She crafted one-of-a-kind female runners for each of the top three winners.  Joan Benoit-Samuelson keeps only this piece out among her many trophies – as it is a work of art, not just a prize. 


Most busts are created based on commissions.   As this is a longer term investment for an individual or organization, a consultation is recommended.  A representative sample of famous persons is shown in the gallery along with a commissioned piece, “Frank” who now lives with his owner.  The making of a bust, an intimate process, is shown in this video of Frank - the final commissioned piece is shown on the left column, three down from the top.  See pricing schedule for details.