The Process

Creating a life-sized sculpture is a multi-step process. First, I create the maquette model. A 3-D scan of the model is sent to the enlarging facility, which creates a life-sized plastic foam core. I then apply, sculpt and refine the clay life-sized figure. I then added wax clothing over the figure. For a number of months, the figure has been ready for the next step, which is transport to the foundry in pieces, where the molds are made. From the molds a wax cast is made. I rework the entire sculpture in wax. The wax is then covered in a silica mold, the wax melted out and the molten bronze poured in, left to cool and then sand blasted and finished.

This “lost wax” is an ancient technique dating from the Bronze age about 3000BC.

About the Photos

The ropes in the photo are suspending the clay figure so that I can work on it from all sides. The shorts and shirt are brown because the wax is brown. I used wax because it more nearly represents cloth. In the final bronze the entire sculpture will be the familiar bronze color.

Funding Information

We have been waiting for the funding source to raise the funds necessary for the next and most expensive stage, the actual bronze casting process by the foundry, which will cost an estimated $39,800. So far, the funding source has raised $21,616.79 of which $7,912.50 has been spent so far to get us to this life-sized clay model. $13,104.29 remains in their account.

            Thank you all so much for your generous support and encouragement as we move forward with this exciting project!