Any work seen in the gallery can be treated by the artist to be transformed into a one-of-a-kind version which is overpainted with unique and original acrylics.   Pricing is based on choosing either an exact replica of the original or an over-painted mix-media version that is totally unique.


Figurines are elegant 12” tabletop sculptures that can be cast from the current collection shown below or custom designed.   Shown below is the current collection of Athletes and Artists in motion that can be ordered.  Bobbi created custom “prizes” for the 1984 inaugural women’s Olympic Trials.  She crafted one-of-a-kind female runners for each of the top three winners.  Joan Benoit-Samuelson keeps only this piece out among her many trophies – as it is a work of art, not just a prize. 


Most busts are created based on commissions.   As this is a longer term investment for an individual or organization, a consultation is recommended.  A representative sample of famous persons is shown in the gallery along with a commissioned piece, “Frank” who now lives with his owner.

Giclee prints of work shown in the master gallery of original works:

9”x12” 300.00

12”x12” 400.00

11”x14” 600.00

24”x24” 800.00

Giclee prints of any works with unique and original acrylic overlays

9”x12” 400.00

12”x12” 500.00

11”x14” 800.00

24”x24” 1,000.00

The full list of works shown in gallery is below: 

Sea and Sky

Sycamore and Moon

Winter Maple Trees 

Torrey Pine 



Aladdin Cosmos

Aladdin Orange River


Bare Trees on Green Grass

Blue Roots in Red Earth

Blue and Red Loops

Brown and Gold swirls 

Sea Daisies  

Gold and Orange Wings on Brown 

Low Tide 

Night Tree on Mount Palomar

Paintings other than 24”x24”

Beach with Sailboat 10”x12”

Pink Summer Trees 24”x 30”

Woodland Pool 11”x14”

Pacific Edge 11”x14”

Spring Birch 11”x 14”


Figurines are priced based on current pricing at Foundry.  Figurines are  approximately $2500-$3000 and stand 12-15” tall. plus shipping.  Figurines are cast in wax or bronze.

Busts & Life Size Full Bodied Sculpture:

All commission work is based on a custom proposal and can be created in small size to then be 

resized to life size.

Once you have decided on the piece of art you would like to buy, or if you would like to discuss, please contact us.   You will hear back from Jacqueline Ganim-DeFalco, who works with Bobbi on art purchases.   Please only use the button below if instructed to do so.